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        Gavin Bates


Energy Healing

Evidence of a healing tradition can be traced in the history of all ancient cultures. Notably those of the Egyptians, Chinese and the Greeks, who all practised various types of healing involving the transmission of a form of spiritual or cosmic energy.

Crystals are used as an integral part of my work as a healer. Energy healing embodies high frequencies to remove blocks at DNA level releasing and activating dormant DNA from old programs and conditioning.

Member of the Sussex Healers' Association

To book an appointment please call me on 07908 949998 or E-mail: gavin@spiritualtouch.co.uk


Chanting and Crystal Meditation Evenings give you an opportunity to sit, chant, meditate and tune into the healing vibrations crystals have to offer. Most of the crystals are available to purchase after the meditation.

This is a unique experience of getting to know crystals and spending time with like minded people.

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If you are interested in attending or hosting an event please contact me directly on 07908949998
or E-mail: gavin@spiritualtouch.co.uk

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